DOTA 2 World Cup @ Wang Yu con...

DOTA 2 World Cup @ Wang Yu concept Cafe

DOTA 2 World Cup @ Wang Yu concept Cafe

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7:30am Aug 19th 15

Hello everyone! Its that time of the year. IJK will be hosting another DOTA 2 Tournament.

This is just a repost from what i have already posted on AUSDOTES and DOTAUNSW facebook groups, Thanks!

So the dates for the September DOTA World Cup have been confirmed along with the entry fee's and prize allocation.

The Tournament will start from the 31st of august, Online qualifiers will happen for all this week. Captains will organize with me times they are free and i will organize a schedule.

Based on 32 teams entering we will have 8 groups of 4. With the top 2 from each group proceeding to the LAN finals @ 6th Sept.

The group stages will be round robin (every team play's against each other).

Entry Fee for the online section of the tournament is $30 per team (can be paid via pay pal or bank transfer) and for the LAN section it will be $100 per team (to cover internet cafe costs + adding to the cash prize pool)

based on 32 teams we will have $1700 cash prize pool. divided into
1st 60%
2nd 30%
3rd 10%

We still have more info to be released this weekend ( 2 more sponsors) so keep posted.

To sign up would captains please email me your team name, and 5 player names and 2 subs (max). With player names along with steam ID's to [email protected]

WangYu Concept Cafe?


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7:19pm Aug 20th 15

A Facebook event has been posted as well as a sign up page both links bellow