Steam account compromised

Steam account compromised

Steam account compromised

Thread started by Rickeh on Tuesday, 8:32pm August 25th with 53 replies. Views: 7,554


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8:32pm Aug 25th 15

Just letting you guys know I am working on recovering my account hopefully get it back tonight or tomorrow thanks to valve. My apologies in advance to whoever has been owned if anyone no idea what he is doing so... I was blackmailed for 3 csgo pin codes but did not negotiate with terrorist.

He mentioned getting impatient due to being ignored and is getting my account vacced but it doesn't matter valve will fix everything for me anyway.

please delete me off friends for now I will post when I get my shit back.

This scrub took my twitter and emails as well but did not bother to change the passwords lmfao, made a new email for everything now though anyway just incase, was so para about my bank details and shit on my phone was so stressed...

Dancing Panda

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8:34pm Aug 25th 15

ouch, what a scumbag


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9:08pm Aug 25th 15

bl homie x


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9:09pm Aug 25th 15

I was blackmailed for 3 csgo pin codes but did not negotiate with terrorist.

Quote from Rickeh on the 25th of August 2015

quoted to be noted, lol.

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9:10pm Aug 25th 15

what is English


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9:29pm Aug 25th 15

I wish my life was perfect enough to criticize other people for their grammar! but alas i did nut go 2 univorsity end anded up like thiss!

So some moroccan guy was trying to dos the australian gov website at this esl pre party thing, he was let into the VIP area along with all these other plebs because the security just gave up o.o never again getting surrounded by rands and letting them kick back with us or I could just leave my phone at home and not log into some dodgy tent wireless, simply cannot trust anyone..


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9:38pm Aug 25th 15

top brock


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9:40pm Aug 25th 15

Sorry to hear rick, hope you get your acc back


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9:45pm Aug 25th 15

That sucks dude, bol getting everything back


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10:46pm Aug 25th 15

oh sheeet.


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11:36pm Aug 25th 15

bl that sucks


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12:21am Aug 26th 15

that's karma for you rickeh


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12:21am Aug 26th 15

Probably someone who lost skins on iM lol


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12:28am Aug 26th 15

Wow i reckon we shud get a CG Kickstarter comp going to get rickeh back his skin money haha. Shame to hear mate....


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12:30am Aug 26th 15

I think sticker money may cover it.