Advice on GTX 970 or GTX 980

Advice on GTX 970 or GTX 980

Advice on GTX 970 or GTX 980

Thread started by TAN_ on Thursday, 12:46pm September 10th with 12 replies. Views: 1,471


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12:46pm Sep 10th 15

I just wanted to get some of your opinions on GTX 970 and GTX980. I am planning to buy 1 of them. Which one would you recommend and why? I mainly play CS:GO so yeah nothing like Battlefield or Far Cry.

Thanks heaps!


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1:13pm Sep 10th 15

personally I don't see a massive difference between the GTX970 and 980, considering the price gap...

I was in the same situation.. got a 980ti instead xD



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1:31pm Sep 10th 15

on GTX 970 and GTX980

Quote from nouse on the 10th of September 2015

Why not go AMD they are cheaper (depending on the 970 you go) and performance wise they are both on par with each other.

But as for the question you asked the 980 complete overkill for 1080p , 970 had issues with Cs:Go don't know if they have been fixed


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1:44pm Sep 10th 15

for each price point i usually recommend ; 750ti < 380 < 390 < 980ti

unless there are particular reasons for going outside of these, for instance if you owned a small power supply id suggest 960 > 380


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2:45pm Sep 10th 15

GTX 970 only has 3.5gb of memory and runs into problems after using more than 3gb. Don't buy one.

Get a 960 or a 980/ti.


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4:54pm Sep 10th 15

I use a 960 with an i5 4690 and get fps in the 250s-300 on high setting.


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5:42pm Sep 10th 15

if only cs, get a 960


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6:03pm Sep 10th 15

980's are the shit if you have the $$$


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6:18pm Sep 10th 15

Best value for money is the 960 but I had an issue with frame drops, so I took it back and upgraded to the 970. 980 Is great if you have the cash, but really all of these cards are over kill for CSGO. Should be asking more specific questions.


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7:10pm Sep 10th 15

I got the gtx 980 with 750 watt corsair power supply. It looks amazing :D. Price was a bit tough (732) but o well had the cash and went ahead with it.


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7:23pm Sep 10th 15

960/970's are suffice if your only a 1080p gamer ladies and gents!


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7:27pm Sep 10th 15

Goes on a forum states he mainly plays Cs asks for opinions, gets said opinions and then still go buys a 980....


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5:33pm Sep 11th 15

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