PAX iM v CHF overbuy situation

PAX iM v CHF overbuy situation

PAX iM v CHF overbuy situation

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I'm sure you have all seen the thread (recently deleted) and I'd like to explain the whole situation from my point of view as the event admin at CGPL PAX.

As overtime began on Train in the grand final our match plugin WarMod stopped working and did not load the overtime config, because of this i had to manually run overtime with exec scripts.

WarMod was disabled however it kept running and it only became apparent it was running when the players could not drop weapons due to WM being locked in warmup mode. After a few minutes of tinkering i made the decision to relive the last round of that OT with WarMod starting at 10k and the players would purchase what they had before the relive since we were running out of time and would be removed from the venue shortly.

It was my understanding that Immunity were full-bought or at least close to full buy, i went through and individually checked each member of Chiefs to ensure they had bought what they had previously. Chiefs sat down and said they were good to go, i checked the Immunity side of the desk and they said they were good to go, at the time i did not notice anything out of the ordinary.

Peter spoke to me today after watching the stream VODs and showed me what he found, i said if they had overbought i would be upset and would investigate further.

After sitting down to investigate further by reviewing the vods and doing the math with the other admin at the venue we came to the conclusion that Immunity overbought by ~2750$ across their whole team, likely due to buy-binds buying extra things they would not normally notice.

However ultimately it doesn't matter if Immunity overbought by 2k or 10k, the fault lies with me and solely myself for not checking thoroughly enough. Chiefs went on to win the game and after speaking with Immunity i genuinely believe this was a legitimate error and there was no malicious intent.

I'd like to publicly and formally apologize to all of the Chiefs as well as Immunity for creating and putting them in this situation and ask that both the local community as well as the international one who have seen this thread stop defaming Immunity's name due to my mistake and i hope we can move past this incident.

Thank you.


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8:16pm Nov 3rd 15

Brucy for president!


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8:17pm Nov 3rd 15

Hooray, no more beef


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8:22pm Nov 3rd 15

Posted on hltv/reddit threads for you brucy so no one misunderstand what happened.


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8:22pm Nov 3rd 15

finally some logic. brucy 2g


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8:23pm Nov 3rd 15

How does it make you responsible for their dishonesty though?


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8:25pm Nov 3rd 15

Good on you Brucy


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8:25pm Nov 3rd 15

We all make mistakes. luv u poocy


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Whilst I do stand by my team's findings 100%, I do believe this situation could have been approached better. I'm sure in the heat of things, many factors were overseen due to issues beyond both the players and admins' control.

Although the burden of buying lies with iM 100%, mistakes are made and I don't believe there is clear, malicious intent. iM are competitors and with a lot on the line, whether or not overbuying was a conscious or subconscious decision, the end result did not favour them.

I would like to thank Brucy for the work he does in an oft thankless role, and thank all the fans and competitors who made PAX Aus a great event. Super proud of my team for getting over the hurdle and defeating Immunity, very much so a worthy opponent. Looking forward to a future of competitive CS:GO within Oceania.

Edit: to clarify, given there was no detrimental affect to the outcome of the game, and the fact that, in line with Brucy's sentiments, iM's overbuy was not intentional or with malice, I don't believe this issue is worth pursuing.


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8:27pm Nov 3rd 15

good work brucy no shame everyone makes mistakes


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Wejust have to sort out these Lan server configs am I right :p


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8:28pm Nov 3rd 15

massive respect to take responsibility for a mistake mate, well done. shit happens, luckily it didn't change a match outcome


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8:31pm Nov 3rd 15

I think we'll take any further discussion on the matter offline Sangy, if you want to go further with the defamation of our character publicly even after the initial post being deleted by admins so be it but perhaps I expected more from an official statement after your msg to me on steam.


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8:33pm Nov 3rd 15

Sangy the MVP