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FAQ Thread

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Throughout the duration of the open ladder the admins are being asked multiple different questions about what to do in certain scenarios, I've opened up this thread so the players have more understanding of what to do in these cases.

Q. The team I'm playing against do not have verified players?
A. All players that play CyberGamer matches must be verified through the CyberGamer team page.

Q. The team i'm playing against is not here 15 minutes after our scheduled match time?
A. If a team does not show up with a full team of verified team it is up to the already waiting team's discretion to decide if they would like to wait to play against their team or if they would like to submit the result as the opposing team did not show.

Q. How to enter steam ID into my CyberGamer profile?
A. 1. Go to your steam profile (Through a browser)
2. Get your hyperlink eg http://steamcommunity.com/id/example
3. Go to Steam ID Finder
4. Enter your Steam Profile link into the search bar and copy paste the Steam ID
5. Go to your CyberGamer Profile > Edit Profile > Profiles, Games & Forums > Game IDs > Scroll to the bottom and enter the Steam ID into the STEAM ID bar

Q. Where do I find the rule set?
A. At the top of the ladder rankings there will be multiple different tabs, click the "Rules" for more information.

If players have more question feel free to post in this thread and one of us will get back to you as soon as we can.

Thank you and good luck to everyone!