Selling the NEW Ducky Secret

Selling the NEW Ducky Secret

Selling the NEW Ducky Secret

Thread started by stulp on Monday, 3:33pm February 29th with 3 replies. Views: 881


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3:33pm Feb 29th 16

Selling the Ducky Secret mouse for $75. (will pay for postage)

Reason for selling is that i only really like ambidextrous mice but i was eager to try out this new mouse, everything is on point i must say but i just dont like the shape. The mouse is brand new, has only been out of the box for no more then 5 minutes.

Add me on steam for more info regarding this sale


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4:01pm Feb 29th 16

Using that mouse now, if you're a fan of the old intellimouse style, this is definitely for you. Hasn't missed a beat since I've used it and the price is at least 40$ off retail for basically brand new, gl on sale.


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8:23pm Feb 29th 16

Great mouse if you have bigger hands and like the DeathAdder shape.


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11:04pm Feb 29th 16

just got this mouse in the mail, loving it so far, would recommend, only used Death adders before this, would say it suits bigger hands