G900 Chaos Spectrum (Wireless...

G900 Chaos Spectrum (Wireless "gaming" Mouse)

G900 Chaos Spectrum (Wireless "gaming" Mouse)

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12:22pm Mar 29th 16


Wireless (from the test shows quicker click latency than the rival and DA)
Weight: 107 grams
Sensor: PMW3366

Interesting concept, I personally would enjoy the shit out of a wireless mouse if it is as "good" as a corded one, has anyone heard anything about its tracking?? I keep finding ambiguous quotes such as below. Seems like some marketing gimmick to me.

So that was the design goal we gave our engineers, to build a wireless gaming mouse that was faster than the competition's wired gaming mice.

Quote from Someone

Source: http://www.gizmodo.com.au/2016/03/logitechs-newest-gaming-mouse-wont-leave-you-in-a-tangle/


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1:28pm Mar 29th 16

Will have to wait til release for a few reviews, I know Rocket Jump Ninja is waiting for it to become available on Amazon and will do a review on it and Overclock.net will be jumping all over the mouse to do some reviews also.

If it holds up to everything that they claim it should be an amazing mouse. Would love a good wireless mouse.

$270, better start saving.


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1:34pm Mar 29th 16

ino's review is already out on overclock.net and skylit, pickiest bastard ever and master of latency and gaming mice likes it so it must be good!

however, wireless is not faster than wired. it's still fast though and won't be as hindering as say... high debounce latency or sensor delay! plenty of info about it on the below link in qsxcv's comment -



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10:14pm Mar 29th 16

Oh nice, didn't even notice. I suppose if I had a mouse I wanted tested I'd send it to Ino first.