AMD DOTA2 Pro League Announcment

AMD DOTA2 Pro League Announcment

AMD DOTA2 Pro League Announcment

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After an exciting return of DOTA2 on CyberGamer, we are pleased to announce the next stage of competition. Starting from next season we will have prized leagues with a range of skill divisions to match. Keep reading for all the information you need to know.

Leagues are a structured competition much different to that of the Open ladder you're all used to on DOTA2 . They are what CyberGamer uses when we want or need to amp up the competition because the standard open ladder is not providing us with a high enough platform for teams to compete. It offers a chance to compete competitively and only verse teams of similar skills to determine the best in your division!

When you look at any premier competition in the world, they are always organised with a schedule to allow every team the best possibility of showing what they've got and taking away that final victory. Leagues are comprised of separate divisions to allow parity between the top teams, mid teams and lower tiered teams. This means that even though you might not have ever beaten any of the top 4 teams, fear not because luckily you won't have to play them! Each team that enters will be seeded into a division that they can fairly compete in and potentially win.

How? Upon deciding on the amount of teams and divisions, a fully detailed schedule shall be released for everyone. The admin team will set up the matches for each round. One team will offer some times and then both teams can sort out the best possible date.The Invite division will have set times to play their games. So, no more worrying about waiting up until 11:30 and spamming that challenge button. This will give your team much more clarity on where they stand throughout the competition and who you really need to watch out for.

Of course it will be! Fact is that leagues won't be for everyone. It costs money and a higher level of commitment. We want to maintain all facets of competitive gaming for DOTA2 so that means CGo won't be going any time soon. But please note, you're not allowed to compete in both the CGo ladder and one of the league divisions. It is one or the other. But keep in mind that winning leagues comes with prize money!

We will have 3 different divisions within the leagues. As stated before, it's very important to split teams into categories where they're challenged but not overwhelmed. In doing this, no matter the skill level it creates a strong competitive environment for teams to learn and ultimately test themselves against the counterparts. Which league will your team fit into? This is all determined through the available qualifying tournaments.

CyberGamer Invite (CGi)
The best of the best when it comes to DOTA2. If you're in one the best teams, this is the league for you. The competition is loosely structured upon this division. This is the place where you want to be for the most fierce, intense battles. The teams within this division all have the chance of taking out the top spot. If however they don't, being in this elite division is still rewarding enough in its own merit.

CyberGamer Main (CGm)
The main hub and the driving force behind the ladder. This is the division most teams view as being the 'core' of the DOTA2 teams. Although they might not be the top dogs, don't be fooled by their ability to show off their skill. CGm is the baby to CGi but only for a short time. Come finals times, their main goal is not only to win but become good enough to make it into CGi

CyberGamer Amateur (CGa)
The new comers or casual longer standing teams. Without this league, neither of the top 2 would exist. This division is the catalyst used to make this comp what we hope it can be. Whether it be teams that have not had the chance to prove themselves or a team that wants some dosh but don't have the time.

A very, very important measure that needs to be conducted upon the arrival of leagues to a game. It's all well and good to think a team deserves to be in a certain league but you need to make sure you get that right. We will be conducting 2 qualifier tournaments to determine who will get an invite to each divisions.

Qualifier #1 - April 10th 2016 (top 4 to CGi) - SIGN UP
Qualifier #2 - April 17th 2016 (top 4 to CGi) - SIGN UP

The good bit about it all! Not only will leagues test you more and offer a more balanced competition but guess what... CASH TIME! Best way to spur teams to be the best? Wave money in front of their faces. The entry fees and prize pools will be as follows: Based on
CGi – 8 Teams
CGm – 8 Teams
CGa – 8 Teams

Entry Fee: $150
1st: $1200
2nd: $700
3rd: $500
Entry Fee: $100
1st: $500
2nd: $350
3rd: $175
Entry Fee: $75
1st: $250
2nd: $150
3rd: $75

  • Entry fees are due no later than 24th April 2016.

All prize pools and pay outs are based on projected teams to enter the competition. If there is more or less teams, the total value of the prize pool and the pay outs will be altered. Please allow up to 60days for full payments to come through due to being a sponsored event


Ok so firstly, you need to understand that when money is involved, things start to become much more important. Upon receiving money from a team, CyberGamer is then held accountable for their actions regarding rulings and definitions of the competition. This is something that goes both ways. Refunds will NOT be given once week 1 matches have been created. The moment you join the league you have entered the league. Regardless of whether you play a game or not, your team will not be refunded your entry fee. Best you make 100% sure you're ready to commit to the league for its duration.

Core Player System

These leagues will use the core player system. This will maintain that teams are using a consistent lineup that other teams can learn and understand. This system will make teams create a "core 5". This can be done within you team's page once you have been added onto the ladder. 3 of those 5 core members MUST play in every match of the season - this is without exception. If you do not play with at least 3 core players your match will be overturned. Be wary of not only creating your "core 5" to be the sharpest but also the most reliable.

League Format and Scoring System

The following format will be used for the DOTA2 Leagues.
Round Robin Format: ALL CGi matches will be Bo3, CGm and CGa matches will be Bo1
Gametype: 5v5
League Scoring
  • Rankings on the league standings are based on match wins and losses. Games for and against ratios will come into effect when multiple teams are tied on the ladder, and the team having the higher ratio of for and against games won/lost is ranked higher.
  • At the end of the Round Robin play, the teams who made the finals will be announced and the finals bracket will be posted.
  • ALL Teams MUST submit replay's from EACH game played, do not forget.

Below is a full list of all the dates you will need to know and put aside some time for in the coming months. Keep in mind, to run effective and efficient leagues times MUST be adhered to. We won't have time to go around chasing teams around the universe. We will not have time for teams mucking about. Read the dates and either commit to those dates or don't bother. I know we sound extremely harsh there but there's nothing worse than 1 or 2 teams ruining a well organised paid competition. Thus there will not be any tolerance for negligence or incompetence from teams.
League Schedule

Qualifier #1 - April 10th 2016 (top 4 to CGp) - SIGN UP
Qualifier #2 - April 17th 2016 (top 4 to CGp) - SIGN UP

Roster and payments finalized no later than 24th April 2016

Week 1:May 2nd to May 8th
Week 2:May 9th to May 15
Week 3:May 16 to May 22
Week 4:May 23 to May 29
Week 5:May 30 to June 5
Week 6:June 6th to June 12
Week 7:June 13 to June 19.

Finals for CGp top 4 SE bo3 on June 25th
Finals for CGm/a top 4 SE bo3 on June 26th.

After the Round Robin stage of the league the top 4 teams within each league division will progress to their own division's finals series. 1st Place will play against 2nd Place and 3rd Place will play against 4th Place. The winner of 1st vs. 2nd will progress straight to the Grand Final, while the loser of 1st vs. 2nd will play against the winner of 3rd vs. 4th in the 'Grand Final Qualifier'. The winner of that game will then progress to the Grand Final.
All finals games are Best-of-3 and the grand final is a best-of-5

At the end of the season a relegation period will take place. The bottom four teams in each division will play off again the top four in the division below. After relegation the top 4 will be promoted, the bottom four demoted.
All finals games are Best-of-3 and the grand final is a best-of-5

  • DOTA2 Admins can referee any league match at any time.
  • DOTA2 Referees can referee any league match at any time, but if that referee is also competing in that league, he may be asked to leave the server if BOTH teams agree Contact a DOTA2 Admin if there are any concerns.


  • Your team will abide by all forum, match, game and league rules.
  • Your team will complete the entire competition and not drop-out.
  • Your team will play every match and every round.
  • Your team understands that failure to adhere to the above three points will result in bans.
  • Your team understands that if they hinder a match or the competition in any way they can face harsh bans.
  • Your team understands that during the competition no team members can be kicked or removed from your team roster.
  • Your team understands that nobody may leave the roster, whether by their own free will or not.
  • Your team understands that the Admin Team reserves the right to make decisions at their discretion. Your team understands that instances of cheating and so forth will be resolved on a case-by-case basis, with all investigation and ruling being made by the Admin team.

Only CyberGamer TV has the rights to cast any top tier match. Please refer to the schedule of when games will be streamed live.
CyberGamer TV – Dota :

CGm matches will be available through Clutch Studios who have sole exclusive rights.
CGa matches are allowed to be casted by all approved casters.


If you have any questions, concerns or queries then don't hesitate to contact us using the CyberGamer Support System.

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5:05pm Mar 30th 16

Sounds good! Dismay is looking for a team.

Please email us at [email protected] or contact me on steam or Yedk on steam. If you think you can play at a CGm level or above.

Adept Steam

Yedk Steam

Cheers Adept

[2ezy] Tofreaku

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5:13pm Mar 30th 16

Sounds good! Dismay is looking for a team.

Please email us at [email protected] or contact me on steam or Yedk on steam. If you think you can play at a CGm level or above.

Adept Steam

Yedk Steam

Cheers Adept

Quote from AdeptAU on the 30th of March 2016
both of you can add me im a 5k player looking to create a team for this and preety much every other tournament


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6:41pm Mar 30th 16

"both of you can add me im a 5k player looking to create a team for this and preety much every other tournament"

Same actually, chuck us an add.


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6:53pm Mar 30th 16

<3 you cyanide


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5:45pm Apr 8th 16

Wow great news @Wafflez @Whirax @ElusioNJESUS @mladjo Lets go bo ys haha road to GE