LFC 5s Scxlly

LFC 5s Scxlly

Thread started by Dicypha on Monday, 2:35pm April 25th with 2 replies. Views: 268


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2:35pm Apr 25th 16

Hey currently looking for an alright 5s team,would be good to be in a team that is active basically every day of the week

Net:Alright just need an ethernet cable then ill be able to host
Gun: Kuda,XR-2
Previous Psn names lol lol:

No hate plz fam I'm a changed kid

Played leagues before on AW i think s2 CGa came 5th

...Perks of having Scxlly in your team...
Im the man
I win 58% of the gun fights.
Can go good but can also go bad :(
Active basically every night except for friday bc i have footy
Can Flank if i don't act retarded
Have a mean az team spirit #1 cheerleader
Also I wanna be a core player not interested in being a sub
Can take a Joke but ill get salty and say something overboard...
Smarter than most i think :)

uhmmm i don't have screenshots bc i only just got my ps4 two weeks ago bc i sold my other one to get the Phat 6s

Pm me or just comment idk


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4:59pm Apr 25th 16

WOW ur back


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5:08pm Apr 25th 16

WOW ur back

Quote from Mortar. on the 25th of April 2016
pick him up dont ego, was a beast in his prime.