Result of SL i-League AU Divis...

Result of SL i-League AU Division

Result of SL i-League AU Division

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Ultra Tv

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12:26am Jun 19th 16

Hi all,

The Starladder i-League Starseries S2 Australia Division has completed all its matches with a LAN final on Campsie NSW. The winner of AUS qualifier, DTT, has been sent to China Qualifier tonight. Unfortunately they were eliminated at their first match against Wings.

Although efforts are put in, we are still not strong enough to play against the best teams in the world. But we believe there are a lot of talented player in Australia/New Zealand region, and we are confident to send the best team among our community to the same stage with top teams from other regions.

Thanks for following our event and looking forward to see you in our next tournament.

Ultra Media


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11:48am Jun 19th 16

Good to see that people are giving it a shot anyway. Most of the best Australian players are split up throughout teams anyway and we haven't really had an 'allstar team' given we have players like kpii in Newbee and etc, talent is spread.