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8:42pm Oct 21st 16 and edited 11:32am Nov 5th 16

EDIT: I have been picked up by Serenity

Alias(s): Kia, Kiora, Kia Ora

Age: 16

Location: Canberra (AEST)

Previous Experience: Won 4 RLO B Tournaments, Competed in RLO A Bracket, Gameroos, ESL, rOCEt circuit, Hype etc

Aims: I aim to continue to improve my mechanical skill, as well as skills that are useful in a team environment. I want to improve the reliability of my communication and join a team that is committed to improving, and fulfilling its' potential.

Ranks: Champion in 2's and 3's.

- Inconsistent goal scoring aerials
- Communication can be iffy at times

- Dribbling
- Ball Control
- Clearing
- Goalkeeping
- Defensive and Midfield Aerials
- Passing
- Flexible

Previous Teams: Royal Allegiance T2: Kia, C.J.M, Fu.
Team Prodigy: Kia, Deselution, Beatnik, Sid


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10:20pm Oct 21st 16

Incredible aggression and ability to assess and outplay opponents. Would be a great addition to any As team.

Great games playing with you mate, BOL!


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11:08am Oct 23rd 16

good player, can dribble good pick up for a's team