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Just in case this game gets off the ground with a comp scene, I'm LFT.

My last 'real' effort in competing was back in BC2, so my background is brief especially the last few years. I played core for x5 in BC2, then subbed for them in BF3 and absent in BF4. Apart from that I've only subbed for some AM CSGO teams and went to the odd RFLAN.

Located in Perth so time difference is an issue. I can play Mon-Thurs around 830 AEST (530PM WA) and if needed I can do Sunday's. Definitely will play until late on these given days.

Goals: Get consistent and used to playing in a team again. Aim to play and win in the top tier

Weaknesses: Have been toxic in the past although have worked on this and matured up

Origin ID: meadow_au

Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/meadzji

Hit me up for a chat!


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This guy is a beast at single player +rep


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