Enforcement of the Eligibility...

Enforcement of the Eligibility rule

Enforcement of the Eligibility rule

Thread started by ThyJebusBeDone on Monday, 12:56pm November 7th with 4 replies. Views: 1,206


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12:56pm Nov 7th 16


Hello everyone,

We're all guilty of it but the time has come to start enforcing CyberGamer's ineligibility rule. This is taken directly from the Siege ladder rules:


The players Cyber Gamer account is not listed as "Not Eligible" (To be eligible to play in the match, each player needs to have been added to your team roster BEFORE the match has been accepted. Players added after the match has been accepted will appear as "Not eligible" on your team page)

All challenges that have already been created are exempt from this rule. All challenges made from now on need to follow this rule. If you have any subs, please add them now. Like always you can message me at any time if you have any concerns.




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1:02pm Nov 7th 16

i thought it was always enforced and gained permission from the opposing team anyway


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2:15pm Nov 7th 16

Previously it was allowed only at the express permission of the other team. It was altered in the later rules.


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11:01pm Nov 7th 16

So just to clarify, you can't play an ineligible player at all regardless of whether the other team is ok with it?


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11:31pm Nov 7th 16

Correct. Exemptions will be made by a case-to-case basis at the discretion of the opposing team AND an R6 admin.