SYF Gaming Announces 2016-17...

SYF Gaming Announces 2016-17 Lineup

SYF Gaming Announces 2016-17 Lineup

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Newcastle, Australia
December 13, 2016

SYF GAMING is proud to announce and welcome our new Counter- Strike: Global Offensive lineup for the rest of 2016 and beyond. With the departure of former Captain Forge and KStaar we have brought in a great depth of knowledge and talent into our new squad. Chrisoaow, Pecks and HaZ will join ino and Squishy to continue to prove that we at SYF Gaming are a force to be reckoned with in the ANZ CS Scene.

The core lineup is:
Reece "Squishy" Liney
Andrew "ino" Foster
Chris "Chrisoaow" Forman
Peter "Pecks" Nguyen
Harris "HaZ" Krajisnik

SYF Gaming and myself personally are very happy to welcome this roster change and quite excited to see how these 5 guys will go playing alongside each other and what they will brign to the table in the coming comps under our organisation

Quote from Team Executive Mackenzie "MKR" Lund

SYF Gaming and myself are proud to welcome Pecks, Chrisoaow and HaZ to the lineup. With Chris and Harris' depth of experience paired with Peter's talent, it looks to be a bright year for SYF CS.

Quote from Team Captain Andrew "ino" Foster


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good players


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Seems like a good future for the boys! GL!


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BOL with the team


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low cgo bol xD


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gl boys!


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Congrats SYF! GL!


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gratz bol


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haz learnt everything he knows from me!

Good luck gents

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With a line-up like this how will you ever beat fM #ez4fm


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Mac Daddy

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