COD4RM 1.07

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3:22pm Dec 21st 16

What is this 17GB update for?

99+hours see you in a couple of weeks.


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3:27pm Dec 21st 16

u need to turn ur ps4 off and on


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3:28pm Dec 21st 16

@skcel I've asked like 5 people how big their update was and they said it was tiny... why am I the only person with an update which is 17GBs large?


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3:28pm Dec 21st 16

u need to turn ur ps4 off and on

Quote from Brodz' on the 21st of December 2016
I've done this 5-6 times


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3:29pm Dec 21st 16

Delete dl and try again haha. Should only be 800mb


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3:42pm Dec 21st 16

doesn't the ps4 show the size of all past updates for the game as well, but then once it completes the % for the current update, the bar completes the % for the previous ones?


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4:03pm Dec 21st 16

What's the update anyway?


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4:10pm Dec 21st 16

Do a speed test on your ps if it starts getting slow.


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5:14pm Dec 21st 16

Is there a fix to this? Just got hit with it as well. already tried deleting it and restarting my ps.


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5:29pm Dec 21st 16

Mine was only 90mb