AMD Ryzen

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6:03pm Feb 23rd 17 and edited 6:58pm Feb 23rd 17

Some benchmarks of AMD's new processor range have been popping up all over the net and by the look of things they are finally back on track performance wise against Intel :)

Great news for PC hardware enthusiasts and gamers everywhere.

Ryzen 7 1700 competes against i7 7700k

Ryzen 7 1700X competes against the i7 6800k ( 39% slower ) and on par performance against i7 6900k

Ryzen 7 1800X competes against high end i7 cpu's that are all worth over $1k.

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7:27pm Feb 23rd 17

gonna give it a couple weeks, see some benchmarks, get a bit of extra coin and ill be buying a new pc. been waiting for AMD to make a comeback

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2:58pm Mar 5th 17

Thought you hated AMD Saber ;)

But yes, Ryzen looks like a fantastic CPU lineup, can't wait for the newer CPUs to come out down the line to challenge the i5 and i3 series

Competition is always good for the consumers