DARK BASE PRO 900 [ORANGE] where to buy!?

DARK BASE PRO 900 [ORANGE] where to buy!?

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11:17am Mar 9th 17


I've been searching low and far for Dark Base Pro 900 [Orange] Case. PCCASEGEAR are sold out. There's no records on staticice it's sold anywhere in Aus but there. Ozgameshop refunded my purchase and said they won't deliver it to Aus because of it's size [what?] and the only other places are overseas where you have to pay more than $60 shipping.

I want to buy the orange version with the window for $369 or less.

Anyone assist me?


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2:35pm Mar 9th 17 and edited 2:56pm Mar 9th 17

Dunno where you're located but there is a used one on eBay at $300:

And another on GumTree:

Other than that you may be out of luck. Doesn't look like it's making it to our shores.

EDIT: That may even be the same person selling it having had a closer look at the suburb.


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5:19pm Mar 9th 17

Haha yea I found those adds and connecting the two ads it's the same person. They were probably one of the people who bought the limited supply at PC Case and needed to sell. TBH I'd rather pay the extra $60 and get it new =/