How active is the R6S PC commu...

How active is the R6S PC community here?

How active is the R6S PC community here?

Thread started by UnholyKrusader on Tuesday, 5:38pm April 25th with 2 replies. Views: 1,830


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5:38pm Apr 25th 17

Hey guys,

I recently picked up the game for PC after having played it on PS4 for a while, and I am interested in seeing what the scene is like here for the PC version.

Is the Ladder competition active?

Cheers guys,



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6:07pm Apr 25th 17

its currently active. pretty much the entire community can be found on discord. head over to r6_anz


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12:38am Apr 26th 17

A new CG competitive season will be starting on May 1. The previous season's finals were played about 2 weeks ago now.