LFM CGA next season

LFM CGA next season

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10:19pm Jul 3rd 17 and edited 11:56pm Jul 3rd 17

Current Lineup:
ktl- Entry
Dingo48 - Trial Support

Previous Achievements:
N/A-New Roster

We are a Sydney based team, so we preference Sydney, but Melbourne or Queensland is okay
Trains 7-10 pm AEST Monday-Thursday possibly Friday-Subject to change

What were looking for:

  • Primary Awper
  • Rifler/support
  • lurker

What we require of you
  • Sharp, consistent aimer
  • hard working players at least 5 days a week and does personal training at least 1 hour a day (when playing)
  • mature age-(preferably 18 or older, 16 is tolerable)
  • Experienced player - at least 2K hours
  • Enjoys the game, but still maintains a serious attitude to practice and games
  • non-toxic towards the other team, but most importantly to the other individuals
  • Intelligent players who understand basic concepts like trade fragging and teamwork
  • Sharp and precise communication and a player who will not hog the mic
  • [indent]
  • does not demoralise others when there performance is lacking
  • will not harp about someones mistake when the following round is commencing, but still offer critique after the game
  • does not tilt when we are down a lot of rounds and keeps communicating and trying to win


  • dedicated 128 Scrim / Practice server
  • Teamspeak server
  • dedicated IGL who watches demos and always comes to training prepared and ready to practice
  • a positive environment willing to work hard and improve

Realistic Goals
  • High CGA next season
  • qualifying
  • progression onward from that
  • go to local lans every few months

Trialling Process
  • It can take up to a week as I want to be sure I have the correct choice, I will also keep you on a probation period of up to a month, just to make sure you stay dedicated. However I am not attempting to create a team that just kick people if they have one or two off games
  • comment on this post with your application and also link 2 demos [can be pug or with previous team] one with you best performance and weakest performance. It should be within the past 2 weeks.
  • When commenting please state IGM, age, availability and steam URL as a bear minimum or link to your LFT post.
  • add me-http://steamcommunity.com/id/serquest/
  • attend a training session with the team to learn positioning, defaults etc..
  • have 3-4 trial Scrims
  • welcome to the team

Good Luck, please read over carefully and make sure this is you


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4:42pm Jul 7th 17

up for any role, but would prefer awp if not rifle <3

esea: https://play.esea.net/users/1158250


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8:49pm Jul 7th 17

i can play any role lurker or rifle or awper i have 4k hrs on the game and have a lot of experience im 17 and love csgo i play on average 50hrs a week may be more may be less



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11:32pm Jul 7th 17

I can play any role with a rifle added you my steam is http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198097068722/