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Endless Gaming LFT

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7:51pm Mar 9th 18

Hey guys

My name is Bonez and I own and run Endless Gaming and we are looking to expand into CSGO, we are currently competing in call of duty,

We are looking for a team to represent us in CSGO, anywhere from CGA to CGP it doesn't really matter what level of CG the team is competing in as long as you meet these requirements.

1, The team must be willing to compete in all matches and be able to finish the season no matter on there standings.

2, Team must have been playing together for more than 6 months

These are all the requirements that we are looking for from a team at this stage, if you are interested then you can reply to this thread but you can also contact me on twitter @bonezMATE you can also tweet at the ORG @EndlessGG`s we usually reply very quickly and we are interested to hear from anyone.

The bonus of joining Endless is that we will play for premium and all CG league fees towards the team and as a bonus the players that sign with us will receive a Jersey and other apparel items if they desire them

Thanks Bonez


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7:55pm Mar 9th 18

what do you offer?


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8:00pm Mar 9th 18

what do you offer?

Quote from -JAK on the 9th of March 2018

I forgot about that thanks for asking about it, I have edited the post to show what we are offering as a ORG


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8:09pm Mar 9th 18

interested followed you on twitter