[SYD] Gigabyte AORUS March LAN

[SYD] Gigabyte AORUS March LAN

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Thread started by Karath on Sunday, 6:30pm March 4th with 38 replies. Views: 3,988


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12:30pm Mar 13th 18

lft as well

Agera -RS-

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6:01pm Mar 13th 18



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2:56pm Mar 15th 18

Haha what a time to fly back to AUS for a holiday, may create a team for this!


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4:08pm Mar 15th 18

Lft for that one


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9:39pm Mar 15th 18

Lft for that one

Quote from sQx on the 15th of March 2018

i'll slot you straight in baby


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5:48pm Mar 18th 18

Teams that made it -

Vizard, Auriptic, MIVN, ummmm, KiLLDEATH, Biggas, ANU CS, HOW SWAY?!

I'll be contacting team captains shortly


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1:00pm Mar 19th 18

Looking forward to it, see you guys there!

Also, 3 cheers for Kev for once again providing the goods

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4:30pm Mar 20th 18

Lft someone hmu. Really keen.


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8:19am Apr 1st 18

Thank you Karath and the admins for running another event