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DBP eSports vs Power Rangers

DBP eSports player to look out for: Sleeping02, if the guy is actually sleeping then someone should look out for him, world's a scary place now :/
Power Ranger to look out for: Thuy Trang, that girl's hella Asian so she probably knows martial arts.
Your Prediction: Power Rangers 2 - 1 DBP eSports
Reasoning, (If any): Honestly don't know much about either of these teams but I used to watch a bit of Power Rangers from a while back, so hopefully they have enough experience over the course of their world-saving lives to be able to defeat DBP.

The Groovy Scoobys vs Cortex eSports

The Groovy Scoobys player to look out for: Tham, mainly because of his Cybergamer profile picture - if that's really him, he's got insane stealth and communication, incredible intelligence and is also a master of strategy.
Cortex eSports player to look out for: Turbo, guy said he'd beat me up, so if anyone can look out for him and spot him so I can have details for a sketch to provide the police, would be much appreciated.
Your Prediction: The Groovy Scoobys 2 - 1 Cortex eSports
Reasoning, (If any): I want to give Cortex a chance here but Donatello is honestly a beast.

MC E-Sports vs Exsto Gaming

MC player to look out for: Keeyto, keep a look out for him, especially if you're going for something and he is as well, if you get it over him, he'll remind you for life.
EXS player to look out for: MudcrabWarrior, honestly never seen a mudcrab, let alone a mudcrab warrior, so look out for him, I would like a picture if anyone can get one, thanks.
Your Prediction: MC E-Sports 2 - 1 Exsto Gaming
Reasoning, (If any): Again, don't know much about these teams but I know keeyto is Asian so I'm going with MC.

Deep Space Crocodiles vs Paradox Supremacy

DSC player to look out for: Vesu, because I can say - 'Kawaii Vesu Ne'
PDX player to look out for: Revilo, the guy literally is Dark Magician, what more do I have to say?
Your Prediction: Paradox Supremacy 2 -1 Deep Space Crocodiles
Reasoning, (If any): Don't really know either team yet again but Dark Magician is heavily underrated just because he has no effect and has so many "better" alternatives.

Who will win CGm?

DBP eSports - rekonz was nice to me in a PUG once, well he didn't say anything at all, so pretty much nice compared to what I usually get.

Dark Horse Team?

Cortex eSports - might win by turbo rushing straight up mid on Inferno with SMGs nonstop.

Most likely to disband?

Na'Vi, not really 'disband' I guess, but like have a huge roster change, because their team really isn't working out and they have a lot of the pieces they originally wanted. Clearly S1mple and Flamie both wanted to leave a lot but because of the noob organization, they're forced to stick and the atmosphere and pressure on everyone in the team must be very hot and spicy right now.


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11:41am Apr 6th 18

if crocs don't win ill castrate myself


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7:56pm Apr 6th 18

if crocs don't win ill castrate myself

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crocs won't win I'm coming back from retirement with my private build to ensure no one wins CGm for this season

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1:33pm Apr 9th 18

if crocs don't win ill castrate myself

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