Why cant sg player play?

Why cant sg player play?

Why cant sg player play?

Thread started by Izatisaac on Sunday, 8:22pm July 1st. Views: 387


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8:22pm Jul 1st 18

I know about the peeking disadvantage and stuff but why you state at the rules "not more than 100 ping" tho? And our ping is 90 when we play in aussie server. I know that because we always play against aussie player. Feel dissapointed when we being remove from the league 2 times, dont even get to play our matches and see how it goes.

Was happy to join this league as sg/my have no rainbow six competition/league for the past 2 years. I hope you give sg/my player a chance to compete on your league.


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11:00pm Jul 1st 18

Hey mate the best way to grab admin attention is to open a support ticket. But the rules do state Australian and New Zealand players as this is an AU/NZ community.