Im Looking For a Plat team For...

Im Looking For a Plat team For tournaments

Im Looking For a Plat team For tournaments

Thread started by PresetThrust__ on Wednesday, 10:32pm July 4th. Views: 138


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10:32pm Jul 4th 18

im looking for a team that wont get cocky, wont get hungry and isnt toxic but more sportsman like to other teams, im in high gold 1 normally in low plat 3 but i keep going up and down due to teammates, i can use operators like thermite, hibana, glaz, black beard, ying and lion if i need to but my mains are twitch and ash on attack and on defense i can use all defenders besides, echo, frost and the lord. my mains on defense are vigil, rook, bandit and mira on some maps. i have a 1.2kd ive got decent map knowledge but ive never played for a team in a tournament. im 15 in Adelaide on ps4 but wants to move to pc but cant afford it. if someone backseat games me ill get really toxic so just dont, PresetThrust__ (2 underscores) dont just send a friend request send a detailed msg of the details or just leave them in the comments thanks. i dont have discord atm either.