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11:43am Jul 24th 18

Hey guys,

Looking to move forward in the scene and get looking for some chilled gamers!
Can trial any time of the week, available 24/7 all day everyday.

Put a lot of time into my own practice outside team prac, please add me for a trial, can play any role, work hard to develop strats and smokes for maximum efficiency but don’t want to IGL, just for dry run purposes helping out BTS, also can sub



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11:44am Jul 24th 18

jvx is a hottie. high cga only


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12:14pm Jul 24th 18


this human has been lft for my entire LifE
can someone put him somewhere


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4:44pm Jul 24th 18

i have never seen this lad not lft but bol as an admin u would think he would post in the recruiting section not Discussion


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7:22pm Jul 24th 18

but nice dude good gamer


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7:53pm Jul 24th 18

Actually my dad tbh
Srs note good to see him getting back into the game in a serious tune and start fragging again, can definitely slot into an M team!


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5:50pm Jul 25th 18

Jeb is a juan of the good ones.

Sucks he’s forever LFT when he’s a good team mate, good shooter and an overall good bloke.

Solid pick up if you wanna he admin biased into cgp.

Cgm+ easy for this hot piece of ass

Bol xx


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6:11pm Jul 26th 18

Sharp gamer, nice bloke performs well at lan and online quality cgm pickup dont waste his time xo


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5:45pm Jul 28th 18



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8:14am Jul 29th 18

the mans back and better than ever

cgm ready easily if he stays in current form


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6:35pm Jul 29th 18

The man is back, give him a trial.
Once he gets some more gametime he'll be back to his normal playing self

cgm gaymer


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10:31pm Jul 29th 18



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4:19pm Jul 30th 18

he’s just a good player


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3:22pm Aug 10th 18

Jvx is a bloke! One of the nicest dudes out there with a good game on his shoulders and great potential.. easily give this boy a chance.

Best of luck man