CyberGamer CGPL Spring FFYI

CyberGamer CGPL Spring FFYI

CyberGamer CGPL Spring FFYI

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This post will outline the current seeding and bracket for the upcoming CGPL Spring Qualifier.

Cybergamer Platinum
1. Legacy
2. Syf
3. Avant Gaming
4. Rise and Grind
5. 1st-4th Platinum Qualifier
6. 1st-4th Platinum Qualifier
7. 1st-4th Platinum Qualifier
8. 1st-4th Platinum Qualifier

Cybergamer Platinum Qualifier
1. Ground Zero
2. Taboo
3. Trident ROCCAT
4. Chiefs Academy
5. madlikewizards / ex conspiracy
6. MC Esports
7. tbd
8. Respawn Ninja Black

Cybergamer Gold
1. 5th-8th Platinum Qualifier
2. 5th-8th Platinum Qualifier
3. 5th-8th Platinum Qualifier
4. 5th-8th Platinum Qualifier

5. Formidable
6. Vital / ex extricity
7. 1st-10th Gold Qualifier
8. 1st-10th Gold Qualifier
9. 1st-10th Gold Qualifier
10. 1st-10th Gold Qualifier
11. 1st-10th Gold Qualifier
12. 1st-10th Gold Qualifier
13. 1st-10th Gold Qualifier
14. 1st-10th Gold Qualifier
15. 1st-10th Gold Qualifier
16. 1st-10th Gold Qualifier

Cybergamer Gold Qualifier
1. Paradox Gaming
2. Crimson Gaming
3. DSC
4. ex Deus inferos
5. Exsto Gaming
6. Dynasty
7. Astral Influence
8. Yeet or be Yoten
9. ex Lucid
10. Finesse
11. Vizard Rising
12. Obsidium
13. Dislekek
14. Control
15. Baecat
16. Animesavants
Games will be starting immediately, you will have a few days to organise your first game.
We would prefer it if you tried to complete 1 game every 3 days with both Qualifier's being finished by the 26th of August.
Each team must play with a minimum of three eligible players from their roster from the start of the qualifier. Roster additions will not be permitted after the qualifier has commenced.
The relegation bracket can be found here:
Draft of the gold bracket:
If you have any issues you can either contact myself directly or send in a support ticket.

Thanks and good luck!

- Tham


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4:38pm Aug 14th 18

Thanks Tham and good luck!


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4:55pm Aug 14th 18

lineups outdated? if this page is meant be correct


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5:03pm Aug 14th 18 - in reply to sorb's post

lineups outdated? if this page is meant be correct

Quote from sorb on the 14th of August 2018

That's whatever people signed up with, and what they have to use to play the qualifier (using atleast 3 of the core that give the right to play the qual)


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5:14pm Aug 14th 18

As long as a team has the core 3 or eligible 3 playing then they will be fine.

Rosters may be a bit outdated and we're working on that to make sure every team is accommodated for


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5:22pm Aug 14th 18

Hope you get yoten @Tham


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6:16pm Aug 14th 18



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7:23pm Aug 14th 18

good luck to all teams


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good luck to all teams

Quote from hsariN on the 14th of August 2018


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