Formal Apology.

Formal Apology.

Formal Apology.

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11:18am Nov 27th 17

Hello siege players. I feel a formal apology is due for my behaviour six months ago. For those of you who don't know me under this name my old name was "431Prodigy". Around six months ago I behaved like a toxic child and wish to make amends. I insulted players, teams and staff and was overall not a nice person to be around, and for that i'm sorry. I have changed my behaviour and my emotional management is working. I ask that, if I am allowed a second chance, I be allowed to re-enter this amazing community and join the discord. I understand if I am turned away as my behaviour then was apalling. Once again, I'm sorry.

- 431Prodigy


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12:09pm Nov 27th 17

What's rainbow 6 siege ?


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4:10pm Nov 27th 17

Don't Play siege or know you but good to see you being mature enough to apologize for your mistakes. BOL man


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5:03pm Nov 27th 17


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5:24pm Nov 27th 17

if I am allowed a second chance

Quote from Serendipity on the 27th of November 2017

how many second chances do you want though?


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8:35am Aug 23rd 18

Hey Proj,

good to see the apology. I've seen you at your high points and low points, overall I know how much you have been trying. Good stuff mate keep it up.