Aspire eSports now recruiting

Aspire eSports now recruiting

Aspire eSports now recruiting

Thread started by Aced-Moody on Tuesday, 9:15pm August 14th with 3 replies. Views: 549


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9:15pm Aug 14th 18

Looking for high plats for Ps4 Cyber gamer.

1.0 Kd+

Good knowledge and Game Sense

Need a Mic

Good Call-Outs.

Free on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Weekends.

Plat 2+ May accept Plat 3s

Need new name

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7:40pm Aug 20th 18 - in reply to Aced-Moody's post

hello im a ps4 player willing to join, my main account is banned at the moment I have good map control. my kd is 1.1 and win loss is 1.1 the account im on is gold 4 for memeing but next season it will be back to plat. I have been diamond if that helps.

thanks man can't wait for a response.


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10:46am Aug 24th 18

Yeah bro, hit me up on Ps4 - aMoodz_


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5:38am Jan 2nd 19

Psn is TH-BK_RD