RIP McSkillet

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12:36am Aug 25th 18 - in reply to redzii's post

Sounds like he killed some innocent people.


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7:55am Aug 25th 18

What a dickhead goes on the wrong side of the road and takes the lives of a 12 year old and her mother. What a disgusting prick McSkillet was

Not only was he driving on the wrong side of the road he crashed through the gates of a school before smashing head on with the poor people.


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2:03pm Aug 25th 18

"valve to blame"


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3:00pm Aug 25th 18

Fuck the selfish bastard


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12:44pm Aug 26th 18

As everyone's already mentioned, pretty disgusting... people are defending him ofc


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1:08pm Aug 26th 18

the go fund me is here if anyone is interested in donating


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3:33pm Aug 26th 18 and edited 12:00pm Aug 27th 18

Brainless drivers don't deserve luxury performance vehicles no matter how rich they made be!


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4:41pm Aug 26th 18

Every day we drift further away from the Lords light.

THE ladiez man

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4:56pm Aug 26th 18 - in reply to ogSaber's post

mcskillet wasn't taking a joy ride, he was literally driving on the wrong side of the highway at 100mph to kill himself


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5:10pm Aug 26th 18 - in reply to ogSaber's post

Look at Paul Walker and his Porsche for example

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is this real life