Two new Dota 2 heroes are comi...

Two new Dota 2 heroes are coming, and you can play one right now!

Two new Dota 2 heroes are coming, and you can play one right now!

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5:17pm Aug 27th 18

During The International 8, Dota2 devs announced 2 new heroes namely Grimstroke and Mars, of which one can be played right now.

Grimstroke is a support/disabler type with ranged attack capabilities. He’s something of a demonic artist, with four abilities that have paintbrush/ink motifs. His abilities:

1) Stroke of Fate is a swath of ink that does increasing damage with each foe it strikes, while also slowing any it hits.

2) Phantom Embrace launches an inky ghost at the target, who grapples the enemy, silences and damages it. If the phantom survives the duration of that grapple, the victim takes heavy damage, the phantom returns to Grimstroke and refreshes the ability’s cooldown.

3) Ink Swell covers Grimstroke or an ally in ink, which silences them, gives them bonus speed and immunity to attacks. The ability ends with the ink exploding, to stun and deliver area-of-effect damage to enemies nearby.

4) Soulbind, per its name, binds one enemy to its nearest ally within range. Then, any spell cast on either of those enemies will affect both. The bond can be broken, but it means that the originally targeted enemy will be bound to the next nearest ally within range.

Official trailer(announcement) :