DOTA 2 to get new announcer pa...

DOTA 2 to get new announcer pack soon!

DOTA 2 to get new announcer pack soon!

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5:08pm Sep 29th 18

Developers of hit indie game Darkest Dungeon, Red Hook Studios, have revealed that an announcer pack for Dota 2 will soon be available for purchase. Having collaborated directly with Valve and featuring voice actor Wayne June in his role as The Ancestor, fans can now enjoy a massive 715 lines of dialogue in their games of Dota 2.

Official Tweet:

You can check the some voice lines here.

The developer even revealed that they had worked directly with Valve to get new triggers for the announcer, meaning that the experience will be fully immersive and appropriate to your games. The Ancestor serves as the narrator and part of the final boss of Darkest Dungeon, and little is known about him. Either way, he is an appropriate bridge between the two franchises. The pack will be released on 2 October and will be available to purchase in the store for $9.99.