13 million PUBG cheaters have...

13 million PUBG cheaters have been banned so far

13 million PUBG cheaters have been banned so far

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According to stats released by PUBG developer Bluehole over the past year, the game does indeed have an issue with hackers, as over 13 million bans have been handed out since June 2017 "due to the unauthorised use of illegal programs"
Reddit user sjk045 made the discovery by compiling data from 69 separate Bluehole posts on the company's Korean PUBG cafe website. Bluehole releases weekly updates listing the number of players banned - making it possible to collect all the data and calculate the total number.

Sjk045 even used the numbers to create a graph of the ban waves, and it's possible to see a clear peak in cheater bans at the beginning of this year. The graph also illustrates how the number of bans per wave has significantly increased compared to the numbers in autumn 2017. It's worth noting, however, that some banned players may have returned to the game under new names: the stats reveal the total number of accounts banned rather than individual people.