Changes to Silver Season 6 | T...

Changes to Silver Season 6 | To Solve Queueing Issues

Changes to Silver Season 6 | To Solve Queueing Issues

Thread started by Mishka on Wednesday, 10:43pm November 7th. Views: 421


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10:43pm Nov 7th 18

This will be implemented immediately and will stay for the season, unless something changes.

CG Silver is an amateur league, meaning that anyone is able to sign up and play. This can cause issues with there being an odd number of teams available to play all games all night. Because of this, there has been instances where teams will finish the season 1 or 2 games behind everyone else, providing an unfair advantage.

This is why we will be reverting back to the way the Silver Season was run in the earlier seasons, with everyone getting a match limit of 36, however only your top 32 games will count.

Effectively, this means that a team can play 36 games, and a different team may only be able to play 34 games, whether thats due to their IRL commitments or simply not being put in certain games. However, they will not be penalised for it, as only their top 32 games will count. The advantage however, if a team manages to play all 36, is that they are effectively afforded the luxury of having 4 really bad games and for them not to count, whereas the team with 34 games will have their worst 2 scores not count.

This has been implemented immediately, so you will notice your worst 4 games for this season so far you are not receiving points for. These games will of course be updated if you perform worse in a game next week, etc.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask an admin.


On another note, please be advised that the current PUBG admins are:

  • GOLD & General: the1ivo
  • GOLD & General: Krushhh
  • Silver & General: NzMatt93
  • Silver & General: Xcite/LordPatt
  • Silver & General: Rebkres
  • Silver & General: BennySHD
  • Retired admin but still has access to things (Use as very last resort): MishkaAUS (once again, please dm me as a LAST resort).