PC Seas LFT (Plat & Diamond Le...

PC Seas LFT (Plat & Diamond Level)

PC Seas LFT (Plat & Diamond Level)

Thread started by Pikaboooo on Sunday, 3:17pm November 18th. Views: 119


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3:17pm Nov 18th 18

Currently looking for a clan or squad eager to enter the eSports arena.
Plat 2 + and English Speaking
Any country doesnt matter
I have been playing this game for about 2 years and confident enough to achieve if I have a good team. I mostly play semi-frag or fragging but can adapt to situations. Squads or clans or organization who are interested feel free to knock me.
Discord IGN - Pikaboooo.- #8149
Uplay Username - Pikaboooo.LFT