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10:44pm Jan 14th 19

gday guys looking for a siege pc team. i havent played siege competitive other then ranked but ive been playing heaps of 10 mans with pretty high ranked players and am able to hold my own. i can be on 5 days a week and you wont find a more dedicated bloke on cg tbh. ive been on cg since 2010 competing in console cod so i have a good understanding of what a team needs to be to achieve. my rank isnt that great but i mainly play 10 mans so i dont really care for ranked much but if platinum rank is a minimum requirement i can get there if necasery.

Diddyr6 is my ign

any questions feel free to pm me

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4:06pm Jan 15th 19

Gday, looking for a team. relatively new to the game. Chuck us a message. Thanks