LFT PC For competitive COD games

LFT PC For competitive COD games

LFT PC For competitive COD games

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2:11pm Dec 19th 18

LFT to compete in competitive COD games. I have Pro level experience in gaming (not in call of duty), vocal player who has the commitment to whats needed to push myself and the team to the next level.

Some personal info:

Name: Joshua
Age: 21
Availability: Currently 24/7 as im not working due to recovering from ACL Reconstruction Surgery

Played a lot of FPS on PC, majority of games on Black ops 4 were on PS4 but moved to PC recently so acc level is low on PC but by no means reflects my skill level. Cheers


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3:15pm Dec 19th 18

add gurman#1978


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10:54am Jan 18th 19 and edited 2:25pm Feb 5th 19

If you are interested in trialling for the team. Click this link for more information: https://www.cybergamer.com/forums/thread/620524/PS4OCE-Looking-For-TeamOrg/