LFT CGA - .:Rustii:. (fottydot...

LFT CGA - .:Rustii:. (fottydot on faceit)

LFT CGA - .:Rustii:. (fottydot on faceit)

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8:51pm Feb 7th 19

Hi guys I'm currently looking for a CGA team to be a part of. I am flexible in roles and have topped cgo and played in CGA. I want to grind scrims and train with a team and i believe i will be a good asset.

-Good map awareness
-can IGL
-flexible in roles
-clear comms
-3k+ hours

-can tilt easily with toxic players
-don't know all the smokes (learning them though)

Atm I have alot of free time so i'm constantly grinding csgo to perfect my aim and gameplay. So hit me up if your interested in trialling me. I'm keen to show you what i got.

Here's my steam: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198088121392/