Norber.eSports LFM

Norber.eSports LFM

Thread started by Tobeusta on Saturday, 3:11pm February 23rd with 6 replies. Views: 428


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3:11pm Feb 23rd 19

Norbert.eSports are currently looking to pick up 3 players who are keen and invested in becoming quality players. We will be competing in the CGO ladder until all members of the team feel a common chestry toward one another and can play together competently.

We are looking for a Main awper, an IGL, and a Support.


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3:50pm Feb 23rd 19

Im Down to trial
DM me on discord
Kiwi #3126


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8:44pm Feb 23rd 19

I would love to trail I’m a main awper
This my cg thread it has my steam attached


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10:35pm Feb 23rd 19

Yo id like to trial for Awper and possibly rifler dm


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8:27am Feb 25th 19

Willing to trial for the support role


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8:29am Feb 25th 19 - in reply to Tobeusta's post

Can igl and support


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10:34am Feb 25th 19

Looking to trial, have played with kiwi before. Rookie274#1343