SharkY LFT/Coach

SharkY LFT/Coach

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12:12am Mar 1st 19

21 - Perth

Been a while since i've played some team cs so here goes nothing.

Availability: Some afternoons (will be night time for east coast) and weekends. With med-school going on, my hours will be susceptible to change, but i should be on 3 days/nights a week.

Position: Looking to either coach or slot into a team as a player, not really fussed with what role. Would prefer to AWP (though it's been a long time), willing to try IGL again or anything a team needs.

Weaknesses: can over-commit and get silent when frustrated. Fire alarms seem to go off all the time around here too, so perhaps keep that in mind.

Happy to play for a team in CGO or A (really anything with a bunch of good lads who are up for a good time), willing to put in as much effort as my coursework allows.



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12:42am Mar 1st 19

Really friendly guy, easy to get along with. Enjoys the tactical side, has alot of passion for the game!!


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12:53am Mar 1st 19

Nice guy, also not bad at cs, BOL


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8:15am Mar 1st 19

Respectful, knowledgeable and passionate. Sharky is one of the hardest working people with a hunger to always learn more. He will not disappoint a team of you are looking for these qualities. BOL!


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9:29am Mar 1st 19

top bloke that puts heaps of effort into the team. solid igl aswell. BOL


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1:05pm Mar 1st 19

Gave me his curried sausage BOL


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8:03pm Mar 2nd 19

Excellent player and attitude, is switched on and can be a good player to any team. BoL


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9:59am Mar 3rd 19

has big brain