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lmao you cant say you've played ffyi when u played the open qualifier.... not to mention you only won 1 game in the lower bracket????? so please dont tell me you "narrowly missed out"
instafrag open had like 4 decent teams and from memory you only won 1 game in the advanced quals???
As for finals? please share with me which season you made finals https://www.cybergamer.com/games/csgo/pastseasons/
For gods sakes you cant even beat the teams in anz league https://challonge.com/anzopenleague
so please, dont get your knickers in a knot if I call you fellas out for talking yourselves up much higher than you actually are.
All respect lost.

Mid cga

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go follow my twitter!


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5:04pm Mar 15th 19

Trialing again tonight, priority is to find a capable IGL.

Thank you for the keen interest so far.


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1:31pm Mar 25th 19