Dislekek LFM x2

Dislekek LFM x2

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What We Do:
We will provide CG Premiums for our players.
We will also provide entry fees for tournaments.
We will provide practice servers.
We use Teamspeak.
We will get a frag movie made for the season.
Our practice schedule will hopefully be every-night apart from Sundays and Thursdays from 7:00 till late.
Our game results will be publicized on social media (hopefully streamed too).

What We Want:
We are currently looking for two players to play in the next season of CGA.
We will trial players over the next 2 weeks to find our best options.
We want to be able to take this next lineup deep into the next season of CG.
We want players that want to get better individually and as a team.
We need players that are committed to play almost every-night and work hard to get results.
We want to bring this team into action fast.
We need players with experience.
We run the team like a family so we looking for players who are level headed and can keep their cool.

Who We Are:
Awper - Hazzie
Igl - Pharsh
Rifler - Nameless
Rifler - LFM
Rifler - LFM
Subs - HudsonCS and Lukeysan.

Share this with anyone you think would be a good fit for the team, otherwise thanks for reading! :)
Add me on steam and pop a comment if interested, let me know your goals and availability.

Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/pharshlaph


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6:12pm Mar 25th 19

Koreaboos also welcome, i need someone to talk to PLEASEEEEEEE. I'M LONELY


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added cuz of hazzie


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low-mid a bol


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so basically i am a monkey


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