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9:16pm Mar 5th 19

Hey guys,

I have decided to part ways with XiL3 Esports, it has been a good run with the lads but I'm looking to go to the next level. Super active can be on pretty much whenever you need me to be and always keen to prac/scrim. Looking for a competitive amateur finals team or higher.

Previous teams
XiL3: antw0n - Jordstar - JSC - Niz - Handle/Cazza
Gamblor: antw0n - jacmac - davi - dapz - aspy
Invaders: antw0n - skarm - dewk - meLo - morris

5-8th Instafrag Open League Season 1 2018
22nd Cybergamer Amateur Spring 2017
12th Cybergamer Summer Slam 2017

If interested add me here;


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9:22pm Mar 5th 19

Solid fragger, cevo-M


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9:25pm Mar 5th 19

Sharp Bloke.

Would honestly recommend him for even high CGm

Has the will to learn and doesn't think he is flawless,


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9:30pm Mar 5th 19

#1 player
Sharp Aimer
Big Brain
will swing for the trade
goodluck high A/M


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9:40pm Mar 5th 19

Super sharp and willing to improve
Has a good way of thinking about CS
Cares about his teammates

bol brother


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9:43pm Mar 5th 19

definatley worth looking at, very sharp

Mr. Potato Head

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10:19pm Mar 5th 19

When I play with him, I get wet from the shots he hits. MLD, CGM ez


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10:56pm Mar 5th 19

do you want the strap or the buckle?


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9:00am Mar 6th 19

dedicated as fuck and sharp gamer, high A can push M or E or whatever it is now in a solid team


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1:17pm Mar 6th 19

power lifts also sharp asf High a-m


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10:20pm Mar 6th 19

He is a really great player. Young and talented. Can't believe he's only just turned 16! Great to play with on faceit and at LAN mixers - I think he has the potential to play professional somewhere down the line. GL!


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2:17pm Mar 10th 19

Thanks everyone for the kind words.

Will be available over the next few nights for trials!


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8:42pm Apr 4th 19



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8:47pm Apr 4th 19



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9:31pm Apr 4th 19

sharp player and has a head on him too
needs to be a bit more vocal with comms otherwise he is easy high a and could play m in the right team as well.