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9:18pm Apr 19th 19

With particle moving himself to sub, we're looking for 1 cool dude who can awp/rifle to play in the upcoming season with us.

- Preferably from NZ
- Is able to pick up the double zoomer sometimes cause hueking is too tired of standing still
- Is willing to be mentally drained by us

we're CGM ffyi eligible so we want a sharp fella

dm me on discord: jono#1447 or add me on steam


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9:18pm Apr 19th 19

ez wins


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3:10am Apr 20th 19

keen x2 cgm , took a small break to.finish school. Putting more hours in this game now.


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11:15am Apr 20th 19

nutty fukn gamers bois


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2:33pm Apr 20th 19

hue and particle, my mongrel mob brothers ?????


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12:07pm Apr 24th 19