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Top 50 SoF2 Players of All-time. Official list.

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3:55pm Dec 15th 18

Talking out your asses.

You are forgetting Living Legends had the most Official wins in any tournaments in SOF2. With only 5 tournament losses and over 100 wins not many clans can say that. SO here is my two cents.

All of Living Legends.

All of ZFZ.

All of 5150.

All of CAFN.

I really miss Sicko he was easily on this list. That crazy german ZeroCool =(
5150 Hawk was pretty crazy too he was also One[LL]

The best players I ever seen the TOP 2 I would say would be Kiss and Smokaj without them as our defense I would have never been able to run that many flags. Most of Living Legends and the clans I mentioned above also played on the side for top 5 INF teams and in official tournaments. We had serious coverage with Podcasts and everything -- IF ANYONE can find any podcasts hit me up. Always looking for more people to start up a PUBG group. Hit me up on steam add me up if you played SOF2 nice[LL] on steam.
Add me on steam if you just need a good teammate nice[LL].


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3:56pm Dec 15th 18

Alot of you in the comments came after the game died so you really don't know a fuck about this game.


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12:10pm Apr 2nd 19

Good times were had in SOF2 – it was so long ago, most of the names listed by zoo were good players.

We (*inf*/iM SOF2) all got along and there was never drama, the trash talk/banter was extremely funny in ventrilo and there was nothing better than playing with friends, cleaning out a server and then getting called a cheat on the forums because you had a 30-2 k/d ratio.

Some of the names outside of *inf*/immunity in no particular order I recall being very strong (even though most of them joined us later on in other games or seasons)

Regarding *inf* all of us were decent however Artist was the most consistent always playing at a high level.


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12:37pm Apr 2nd 19

Interesting moments I recall

Most of the teams in season 1 infiltration didn’t use strats, they would camp the briefcase and spam he nades, I remember we were messing around and figured out how to boost from outside to the roof on shop and on attack we spammed flash nades instead of he and people would fall for it all the time and before they could see we had the case returned

This was the same for col1 except we used smoke nades

Being called cheats by people who got banned when punkbuster updated

A certain GA gameop calling us cheats :)

There was a time where we were losing a ladder game on defence I think 0-2 and sturds goes why are we losing just attack them instead of camping and most of us were saying no just camp and play safe, sturds says screw this, attacks like Rambo and kills the entire team in a few seconds we are like - ok let’s do what sturds does and I don’t think we lost another round..

On finca nearly every single round Phat (kryp) would get a crouch leaning shotgun kill at the connector part sometimes sniping with it

xfactor in the semi finals or some important game used the worst possible gun, some crappy auto sniper thing and made a huge clutch killing 4 or 5 to win the map with fire nades.

Meeting up with the landed Brisbane boys and getting hammered :)

Good times


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8:17pm Apr 4th 19 and edited 10:39pm Apr 4th 19

Not sure I've ever heard of anyone on that first list apart from Moss and Murdz. Maybe they were the last 50 players still playing at the end? :)

ArtisT and Saya were next level good in their prime. Xgen was very close behind.

SilentButcher and Messiah / Pariah / Reiko / whatever name he used back then should be on the list... otherwise Zoo's list is pretty damn accurate. Except Myzzy was pretty shit actually.

Good times back then. Back when I had no life, no real job, no responsibility.

iM PhAt *inf*


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10:15am May 5th 19

Holy shit. Some absolute blast from the past names commenting. I remember seeing inf, iM, tX, V, ASF all the OGs in GA Season 1/2 and being 13 and wanting so bad to be as good as you guys.

Unfortunately don't have any screenies from the early seasons, can only find some from S4 onwards.


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3:51pm Apr 8th 20

What have I stumbled upon? Only 12 years too late.

Lee (Saya) was the best player of all time, he told me so when we met in Melbourne sometime around 2005, now the dirty dog lives in Japan.

So many late night games, great time with all of you.

myz, we need more beers.



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7:58pm Apr 19th 20

Haha cracks me up that people have still been commenting on this thread over the years

Love you guys