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8:40pm Mar 13th 19 and edited 1:53am May 15th 19

Looking to join a team for this season of A
Have over 4k hours, fully committed player, aggressive rifler, open minded and always willing to take criticism.
I am looking to improve my gameplay under a team environment and would highly appreciate the chance.


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8:41pm Mar 13th 19

Good player, all round superstar Low-Mid a Min


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8:42pm Mar 13th 19

Nuts player, really commited, positive attitude, have nothing but good comments for brog,

Mid-High A.

Only problem is that he gets in his own head sometimes and can affect him mid game.

CIoud 7

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8:43pm Mar 13th 19

Can play for him self, great game sense/map knowledge. Reliable player all round. fr fr


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9:02pm Mar 13th 19

Great player in terms of his aim and game knowledge. Also maintains a positive attitude throughout matches (not a toxic player), so he should be a good player to pick up!


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9:42pm Mar 13th 19

Ahh the infamous broggoli. Big mans sharp boi


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10:06pm Mar 13th 19

nice bloke hope he gets picked up


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11:23pm Mar 13th 19

Sharp aimer with good dedication, easy to play with and very chill. Can easily make finals with the right team.


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1:49am May 15th 19

Great guy, sharp aim, willing to put in work to improve as a player and with a team


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1:54am May 15th 19 - in reply to Broggoli's post



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2:12am May 15th 19

Sharp mechanical player, very friendly guy, hard to hate him even though he rekts you, mid-high -shruggi


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8:27am May 15th 19

nice and sharp player mid a <3