HIVE CSGO League Announcement

HIVE CSGO League Announcement

HIVE CSGO League Announcement

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First up, thank you so much to our sponsors and partners for making this event possible:

PacificES are the leading server provider in Australia. Their game servers are perfect for teams and players looking to improve their game and scrim against other teams. Visit the link above and start a server for just $0.95 per day.

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To sign up visit our Discord:

Entry is $25 per team
Prize Pool will be announced nearer the date, estimated to be around $1000

Rules and information are in the Discord. Entries close June 14th, with the first matches being scheduled on June 17th to be completed on June 24th.

- There will be groups of 8 teams, with each team playing each other once. A match will be scheduled at least 7 days in advanced. A time and date will be given. Teams are allowed to try and reschedule the game in the discord.

- This will go over 7 weeks, until every team in each team has played everyone else in their group.

- The format will be Best of 3 maps, will a classic pro league style veto of: Ban, Ban, Pick, Pick, Ban, Ban, Decider

Points will be allocated on this basis:
2-0 = 3 points
2-1 = 2 points to the winner, and 1 to the loser.

The top 4 teams (subject to change based on sign-ups) from each group will enter playoffs, with their seeding based off their point score and rounds for and against.

How Playoffs work? Playoffs will be double elimination format with all games being Best of 3, until the Grand Final, where it will be Best of 5, with the team from the winners bracket gaining a map advantage.
The Veto for the Grand Final will be as follows: Ban, Ban, Pick, Pick, Pick, Pick

Any problems, DM Dan#9897 on discord, or via twitter: