Zespre LFC

Thread started by Zespre on Saturday, 1:22pm May 25th with 4 replies. Views: 724


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1:22pm May 25th 19

Looking for a team, keen to play again.
PM me


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4:44pm May 27th 19 - in reply to Zespre's post

Hey man, Does any other blokes still play this or any old cod? If so should get a comp going.


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9:57pm Jun 1st 19

Monster games battles does a hardcore snd ladder on fb check them out


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7:19pm Dec 2nd 19

We’re currently working on running comps for cod:mw.

Stay tuned on the main forum just above this one and checkout my post.

Tell your friends. We need feedback and ideas and what you guys want so we can move forward and organise them.


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8:33am Dec 10th 19

Zespre what's your activision ID?

I've got 4 established cod4 boys, from 2008-2012, playing in cgo to cgm.

We play on weekends, but would be happy to have you on board :)

As per Moz's post - we are looking for COD:MW players. Hard to tell with this forum setup whether this is black ops related haha