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4:35pm Jul 21st 19

I have decided to look for a team for the upcoming season. Willing to trial for any lurk/entry or supportive rifler roles.

What do i contribute
Decent aim and communication
Consistent weekday availability with some weekends
A constant drive to improve
Willing to both give and accept constructive criticism and ideas
Strong utility knowledge
Can pay all my own fees

What do i expect from a team
Consistency with practice and scrims each week
Players that strive to work hard and improve
Basic level communications and game knowledge
Able to take criticism.

Happy to provide more information, feel free to add me on steam.

Steam : -> Over 3k hours
Faceit : -> Faceit level 10
Discord : Johnald#8606


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5:09pm Jul 21st 19

can tap heads great overall player. High CGA BOL


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6:24pm Jul 21st 19

High CGa BOL


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6:30pm Jul 21st 19

HIGH CGA, great player and attitude!



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10:17am Jul 22nd 19

Played Thousands of hours of CS with this man, High A Finalist player. He will win you games.