MDL Caster LFT

MDL Caster LFT

Thread started by TwoTapTony on Tuesday, 7:58pm July 23rd with 9 replies. Views: 550


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7:58pm Jul 23rd 19

Hey guys its me, Famous MDL Caster TwoTapTony. I've decided to pick up cs competitively to dumpster all these rands.

Preferably looking for high LPL-A

I've been around the scene for quite awhile you might remember from the CGo team, Gen U. Yeah I carried those guys and I can carry you too.
Catch me notoriously in bottom fragging pugs and casting MDL Games. Pick me up



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8:00pm Jul 23rd 19

sharpest desk banger I have ever seen.


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8:09pm Jul 23rd 19

carries me in pugs occasionally. will give you clout. good pickup for anyone wanting clout from mdl caster


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8:53pm Jul 23rd 19

bol u cutie, deserves a good team


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8:57pm Jul 23rd 19 - in reply to wav's post

sharpest desk banger I have ever seen.

Quote from joe. on the 23rd of July 2019
what about jarserk


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9:43pm Jul 23rd 19

Quality bloke

High o - mid a xxoxo


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10:03pm Jul 23rd 19 - in reply to ChromaAU's post

trust me, you should have heard him tonight.


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9:54am Jul 24th 19

is always in spectate mode, he can toggle x-rays, ez win


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3:40pm Jul 24th 19

just needs to stop pushing palace, and will improve
cgm +++ only


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4:26pm Jul 24th 19

high cgi, pugstar. BOL