LPL Season 3 - Rainbow Six Sie...

LPL Season 3 - Rainbow Six Siege: PlayStation 4

LPL Season 3 - Rainbow Six Siege: PlayStation 4

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Welcome everyone to LPL Season 3 of PS4 Rainbow 6 Siege!

We are extremely pleased to announce that we will be re-introducing the PS4 R6 ladder on the LPL Platform after a brief hiatus. We will be integrating the PS4 R6 PogCup Tournament into the LPL Platform and proceed to build upon the PS4 R6 community. Our vision is to develop the community and provide the community a platform in which they can consistently compete in!

“We noticed there was a lack of opportunities for PS4 users in the competitive scene, as such we created a tournament in order to provide more opportunities. Integrating into the LPL platform is the best way for us to pursue this vision and we are excited to see where the future is together.”
-PogFace & Phyenixx, Founders of the PogCup.


Open Division - Free to play, free month LPL Premium subscriptions for the top three teams.

For this season of LPL, we will be holding the Open Division. Signs up will be available for those residing in Australia and New Zealand. Sign ups will open on 20 August.

LPL PS4 Open Division will commence on Friday 13th September & will conclude Sunday 3 November.

League Format

Round-Robin style tournament, in which every team verses each other. Should there be more than 16 teams that sign up to this tournament, we will have a qualifier to determine the top 16 teams closer to the first play date. Dates will be announced in the very near future should there be one.

Finals Format
Finals/Playoffs will be played as Single Elimination Best of 3 matches with teams doing Vetos via the website.

The veto process is the following:
-Team A Ban
-Team B Ban
-Team A Pick
-Team B Pick
-Team A Ban
-Team B Ban
-Pick Decider

Registrations close 13th September. Open Division -

Key Dates

The specific play dates will be announced closer to the first week. Please join the LPL Community Discord linked below for further communication!

Week 1 - 13-15 September
Week 2 - 20-22 September
Week 3 - 27-29 September
Week 4 - 4-6 October
Week 5 - 11-13 October
Week 6 - 18-20 October
Week 7 - 25-27 October
PLAYOFFS+Grand Finals - 1-3 November

On behalf of the entire LPL Admin Team, we would like to wish every team competing the best of luck for the next coming weeks. For any questions, do not hesitate to ask by either posting in here, contacting an admin via Support Ticket Alternatively, you can join the community Discord channel!

Many Thanks
LPL Admin Team